I have long been fascinated with the intersection of art, journalism and technology and have enjoyed using my technical and editorial skills in a vast array of settings, including NGOs, community radio, alternative newspapers and public broadcasters.

As a MA student in Communication and Culture at Ryerson University, my academic research focuses broadly on the field of computational journalism concentrating on how artificial intelligence and online algorithms are and will affect the field of journalism. As a Research Assistant for the Global Journalism Innovation Project, I use computational processes to analyze online content with the goal of measuring the characteristics of online deliberation in explanatory journalism. 

I have worked in media and journalism for almost two decades, most of that with the CBC where I am a producer on CBC News’ national social media team. I have also worked as a part-time professor at George Brown College, teaching a class on social networks. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Computing and Information Science from the University of Guelph

My other passion is music, and I have a long history of concert promotion in Toronto and Guelph, and run Out of this Spark, a somewhat dormant Toronto based independent record label.

My specialties include: Interactive production, content development, programming, search engine optimization, web scraping, video streaming, video editing, digital photography, social media coordination, audio production, audio editing, writing, researching and editing.

Some of my other interests include cycling, home brewing and photography. I was born in Belleville, grew up in the Ottawa Valley, went to school and lived in Guelph, and have called the west end of Toronto home for over a decade.