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Bell selects Ericsson, not Huawei, to build 5G cellular network

Scandinavian supplier is already a component supplier for Bell's existing networks, including 4G

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Chika Oriuwa 1st black woman to be valedictorian of U of T's faculty of medicine

Four years ago, Oriuwa was the only black student in a class of 259

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Trudeau says Canadians watching U.S. riots in 'horror,' avoids naming Trump

At no point did Trudeau mention the U.S. president by name or criticize his handling of the situation

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Trump or no Trump, Canada's relationship with the U.S. isn't going back to 'normal' soon

Ultimately, it doesn't matter what Justin Trudeau says about Donald Trump

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Korean community fights sale of its only nursing home to firm with 115 COVID-19 deaths in its facilities

Rykka Care Centres says it will provide 'excellent care' to Korean community

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Gunfire reported in Las Vegas, St. Louis amid George Floyd protests

U.S. has seen a week of protests over George Floyd's death in police custody

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Activists call for acknowledgment of systemic racism as Quebec authorities deny it

Racist policing a pattern in Canada, too, author says

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Ford says Canada doesn't have same 'systemic, deep roots' of racism as U.S.

Comparing Canada and the U.S. is like 'night and day,' Ontario premier says

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Jingle dress dancers honour George Floyd at site he was killed

Indigenous people in Minneapolis supporting Black Lives Matter cite similar struggles

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Hospitals failed to flag 700 positive COVID-19 tests to Ontario's public health units

Mixup means thousands of contacts of confirmed cases were not traced for weeks

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Ottawa to become 1st Canadian city to make masks 'mandatory' on transit

But passengers who aren't wearing masks won't be barred from boarding after June 15

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Edmonton police launch review after officer posts photo of drug arrest

Officers wanted to humiliate man, lawyer says

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TD Bank charges $30,000 mortgage penalty to woman forced to sell home due to pandemic

Banks poised to profit from customers who must sell in coming months, mortgage expert says

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'Start by changing your team name': Inuk MP responds to Edmonton Eskimos post referencing racism

Edmonton team's social media post draws criticism and renewed calls for name change

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