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1 in 5 homes in Canada bought by newcomers, Royal LePage survey says

People new to Canada contribute 'significantly' to real estate demand, CEO says

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'Seafood fraud' widespread in Canada, says ocean advocacy group

More than one-third of fish samples in Montreal were entirely different species than advertised

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Ontario deputy ministers get hefty 14% pay hike

Deputy ministers' minimum salary going up from $205,000 in 2016 to $234,080 retroactive to June 2018

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Loblaws wanted too much information for $25 gift cards, privacy commissioner finds

Ruling says problem resolved after grocery chain took appropriate action

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Elementary teachers' union says talks with Ontario government have stalled

Discussions with government and school boards have been on-going since June

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Trudeau concedes Tories could win, accuses them of running 'dirtiest' campaign ever

Liberal leader says Conservatives are using disinformation as he appeals to Quebec voters

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Man charged after mattress flies off car, 2 women die in highway crash

RCMP say mattress caused transport truck to lose control, strike oncoming vehicle

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York police to reveal details of 'multi-provincial' human trafficking investigation

Project Convalesce began with 2 Quebec women contacting police

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Chez Doris plans new emergency shelter for women in downtown Montreal

New centre aims to meet growing demand following Open Door's move away from Cabot Square

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Ships are illegally dumping plastic trash at sea, study suggests

Sources on land blamed for most ocean plastic, but ships may be a bigger problem than thought

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Canadian men's soccer team ends 34-year winless run against U.S.

Davies, Cavallini lead Canada to victory in CONCACAF Nations League play

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Warren Buffett's firm to launch $200M wind power farm in Alberta

Rattlesnake Ridge Wind project to produce enough energy for 79,000 homes

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Scarborough councillor wants to send bill for emergency services to people who get stuck on bluffs

It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to mount a rescue operation, Coun. Paul Ainslie says

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Crown asks Alberta's top court to convict David and Collet Stephan whose toddler died

Couple acquitted last month in death of 19-month-old son Ezekiel

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Mill Woods newspaper leaves answers blank after candidate fails to respond

Conservative candidate Tim Uppal would not provide answers to Mill Woods Mosaic questionnaire

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