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B.C. officials to hold Saturday COVID-19 update as cases surge

Restrictions focus on social interactions, travel, indoor group exercise and workplaces

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How Kim's Convenience star Paul Sun-Hyung Lee arrived in The Mandalorian

Lee appears as a fighter pilot in 2nd episode of Star Wars series' new season

2020-11-07 - Karma: 399

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Alberta court ruling may limit smartphone, laptop searches at border crossings

'The idea that these sort of searches would be routine and without evidence really made no more sense'

2020-11-07 - Karma: 211

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Conservative backbencher calls for nationwide three-digit suicide hotline

Calls to one national suicide prevention line have risen 200 per cent over last year

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Whole Foods grocery chain bans employees from wearing poppies

Symbol of remembrance does not conform to dress code, company says

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Ontario premier moves to outlaw Whole Foods poppy policy

Grocery chain making 'silly mistake' by prohibiting symbol of remembrance, says prime minister

2020-11-06 - Karma: 959

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Nunavut confirms its 1st case of COVID-19

Officials to give update on territory's 1st case at 2:30 p.m. ET news conference

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Whole Foods backs down on banning poppies at work

Employees now allowed to wear symbol of remembrance, veterans minister says

2020-11-06 - Karma: 181

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Alberta government to demand 3-per-cent salary rollback from civil service

Alberta is forecasting a $24.2 billion deficit this year

2020-11-06 - Karma: 137

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Airlines scheduling and ticket strategy questioned in wake of COVID-19

Air Canada cancelled 27,000 flights in November, while WestJet slashed schedule by about 12,400 flights

2020-11-06 - Karma: 122

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Elections Canada says its system protects Canadian voters from U.S.-style drama

American elections are run at the state level, with broad differences in voter registration and voting rules

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Alberta's energy war room under fire in auditor general's annual report

Sole-sourced contracts awarded without adequate justification, documentation

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Dr. Deena Hinshaw to update Alberta on COVID-19 pandemic

Top doctor may recommend new steps to government to protect public health, top doctor says

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Cineplex won't reopen some Ontario movie theatres under new COVID-19 restrictions

Company says cinemas in Toronto, Peel Region, York Region and Ottawa won't reopen, citing financial strain

2020-11-05 - Karma: 248

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N.S. film fund extended amid COVID-19 business boom

'This industry can be relied upon to be a big part of economic recovery,' says Screen Nova Scotia official

2020-11-05 - Karma: 198

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