Interactive Portfolio


Secrets of the fifth estate mosiac

A tiled mosaic highlighting 40 years of fifth estate programming. I oversaw the development of the project, with the technical implementation done by the CBC News Interactive Team.


Faith on the Margins

An interactive documentary exploring impact of outsider religious groups. Created using Klynt for to the complement the 2014 fifth estate documentary on Lev Tahor.


Hollywood’s fascination with whistleblowers

For the 2013 fifth estate documentary The Strange World of Julian Assange, we created an interactive mini documentary exploring Hollywood’s fascination with whistleblowers.


How much sugar is hidden in your kitchen ?

An interactive treatment to help demystify the amount of sugar in in common household foods, using Javascript and the jquery plugin qtip.


How Much Are Senators Spending?

For the 2014 fifth estate documentary, The Rise and Fall of Mike Duffy, I created an interactive data visualization tracking the expenses of each Canadian Senator.


Ottawa Shooting : A Day in Social Media

For our fifth estate documentary The Fear Within, I created a social media timeline of the 2014 shooting in Ottawa. The tweets were displayed using Mass Relevance and were compiled using Dataminr.


Secrets of the fifth : Interactive Documentary

The interactive documentary was an innovative and experimental first for the fifth estate making extensive use of HTML 5 video and was made to be responsive using Klynt.